Knyazhpogost District, the Kyltovo village

Krestovodviznensky Kyltil Convent is the first nunnery in the Komi Republic built in the late 19th century. It is situated in the Knyazhpogost region, in the village of Kyltovo. The issue of building of the first Orthodox convent in the Komi Republic was raised in the 60′s of the 20th century and in 1968 correspondence on this issue started. But the formal beginning of the convent building dates back only to 1888. By 1890 the wooden Stephanovskaya church with a bell tower, two-storeyed wooden Guest house, two-storeyed wooden pantry and a log cellar have already been built. But only in 1984 the degree on founding the convent was passed. The convent was closed in 1918 after the beginning of the Soviet time.
Monastic life in the convent was resumed only in 1995. From the convent structures only a cathedral and a brethren’s building (which was reconstructed) have been saved by now. There are two temples on the territory of the convent: the temple of Saint Zosima and Savvatiy- the miracle-workers of Solovki — and the temple of Afanasiy Afonskiy. The shrines are represented by the miracle-working icon of Virgin Mary Feodorovskaya (a copy of the icon of the Romanov family); the miracle working Holy Cross with the particle of Holy Cross Tree the Icon of the Mother of God «Healer», and the Icon of the Kazan and Jurasalem Mother of God «Quick to Hearken»