Duration of the tour from 7 to 10 days

Period: July — August

Habitation: tents


We invite nature-lovers, who are fond of seeing and listening to birds, for a fascinating travel to the Polar Ural. The routes are passing the reserved protected areas of the national park “Yugyd-Va”.

You will be able to observe birds of the mountain-tundra forests and sub-mountain taiga, to see swimming and semi-aquatic birds in the mountain high-water beds.

Besides, during the travels you will visit the territory of several geological natural monuments. You can observe picturesque rocks and admirable outcropping banks, formed by steeply pitching seems in height of 50 m.


Cost of the tour per 1 person from 48 000 rubles

(for a group of  6 people)


The cost includes: lease of outfit, permission to visit the national park “Yugyd-Va”, services of a professional interpreter-ornithologist, support by an experienced instructor, transfer during the route (car, boats), three meals a day

Additional expenses: fare to the starting point of travel (the towns Inta or Ukhta)