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Manpupuner — Stone Idols

Accommodation: hotel, hunter’s houses, tents

Means of transport: motor transport, Komi motor boats

Season: from June to September

Meals: prepared by guides in a fire

Group: to 9 persons

 Seven stone idols of the fanciful form are drawing up on the west mountainside of the Manpupuner that is situated in Troitsko-Pechorsk region of the Komi Republic. The height of the columns is 30-50 meters. The «ostancy» as these original figures named were created by wind erosion and frosty weathering during millions years. The natural sculptures of stone were objects of a cult of old Mansi and are surrounded by many legends. In 2008 these stone columns on the plateau of Manpupuner were put on the list of seven Miracles of Russia. The tremendous not handmade beauty attracts tourists for a long time, but it was always very difficult to reach there.

The equipment rent is included in the tour cost. It is necessary to have: knapsack for equipment (50 — 60 litres), repellents for insects, table tackles, warm clothes, light and waterproof footwear.

Day Program
1 12.30 Arrival in Troitsko-Pechorsk village. Lunch. Departure by motor transport to Ust-Ilych village (58 km). The river rafting to Priuralsk (80 km). Dinner. Overnight in tents or hunter’s houses.
2 Breakfast. The rafting by boats to Lyaga Cordon (the Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve) 120 km. On the way — visiting Izpered rocks and Lek-out. Lunch. Overnight stay, dinner and banya (by prior request).
3 Breakfast. 9 km walk. Lunch. 11 km walk. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.
4 Breakfast. 18 km walk. Setting up a camp. Lunch. Radial walk to the Manpupuner plateau. Dinner. Overnight stay.
5 Breakfast. Optional rise to the Manpupuner plateau. Lunch. 18 km walk. Dinner. Overnight in tents.
6 Breakfast. 11 km walk. Lunch. 9 km walk to Lyaga Cordon. Banya (by prior request). Overnight stay.
7 Breakfast. The rafting on the Ilych river to Priuralsk (120 km). Lunch. The river rafting to Ust-Ilych (80 km). Departure by motor transport to Troitsko-Pechorsk. Check in the hotel «Pechora». Dinner.
8 Breakfast. Sightseeing. Lunch. Transfer to the railway station. 13:00 Departure by train to Syktyvkar.