“Ust-Tsilemsky Gorka on Peter’s day”

 The event ethnographic tour

Season: July

Accommodation: local resident’s cottages

Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper

 In Ust-Tsilma they say: “The hill is red because of sarafans when there are hundred in a circle and hundred out of a circle”. And it this is not surprising, after more than five hundred years the Krasnaja gorka remains the main ceremonial holiday of Ust-Tsilma inhabitants. According to Russian specialists in folklore, this is a place where the unique holiday of the prehaying round dances has remained up to our time. In the Soviet power days the Old Believer of Ust-Tsilma had to sustain many things: church books burning, icons requisitioning and they transformed church into cinema. But despite everything, the centuries-old traditions of ancestors remained, and today Ust-Tsilma became a new source of spiritual values for whole Russia where the unique old believe Russian culture has remained.




20.00 Group assemblage at the railway station.20.30 Departure by train at the Irael station.


10.00 Arrival at the Irael station. Departure by bus to Ust-Tsilma (lunch in Dijur village). Accommodatio in local resident’s cottages, rest. Salutatory dinner. Free time.



09:00 Breakfast. Excursion to the Zhuravsky memorial museum. Excursion to “Garevo ethnographic village” this is the wooden architecture monument in the open air on the bank of the Pechera. Lunch. Excursion to Zhuravsky village (story about the foundation of the village, visit to the scholar’s grave). Inauguration of the national holiday. The popular song festival “Northern pearl”, the folk masters’ fair of decorative and applied arts. Dinner. Motorboat races. The festival “Petrovshchina”.



Breakfast. A walking tour round Ust-Tsilma village, story about the foundation of the village, visit to historical and cultural monuments. The demonstration lesson of CHR: belts braiding, spoon painting. Lunch. The dramatized excursion “The traditional Ust-Tsilma’s native costume”. Dinner. The festival “The Ust-Tsilemskaja gorka”.


Breakfast. A rest on lake Habaritsky. Dinner. Boating, fishing.


Breakfast. Departure by bus at the Irael station (lunch in Dijur village). Departure by train to Syktyvkar.


06:07 Arrival in Syktyvkar.

 Tour cost for a person (group of 4 persons) – from 25 000 rub