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Welcome to the Wonderland – the Republic of Komi

Komi land is unique for its beauty and originality. Unpretentious northern nature, customs, crafts and arts of the republic’s native nationalities add special charm to the region and provoke tourists’ interest.

Komi is a land of virgin forests, mountains and caves, unique outliers and salmon stocked clean rivers. Thank to the special protection of natural territories, the biggest virgin woodlands remain here. That’s why Komi is considered the gem of ecological tourism, a good place for full-fledged recreation and adventurous trips.

Travel agency «Vertas Tour» invites you to meet the northern village exoticism in the Izhemskiy and Ust’-Tsilemskiy regions. Ethnographic tourism in Komi is developing as well. An outdoor museum in the Ust’-Vym’ village, architectural ensembles of the Ulyanovskiy and Kyltovskiy monasteries. Travelers are welcome in a distinctive village Yb, known since 1586. It is the most ancient settlement on the Russian territory the name of which begins with the Russian letter «Ы». Here is the stone Church of the Ascension (XIX), an ethnographic museum and 13 baptismal founds, each living its own legend and cures some disease or evil eye. Ancient guest houses carry to the past. Local masters’ and needlewoman’s items are in good demand among tourists.

In the region of the Polar Urals and in the «Yugyd Va» national park pedestrian tours to the virgin forests and birds – watching tours are offered to the tourists. Among them is rafting down the river Podcherem, climbing the Sablya /Saber/ peak, a pedestrian trip along the Vangyrskiy road, as well as rafting down the Kosyu or Kozhim rivers, climbing the Narodnaya / People’s/ (the highest peak of the Urals), Karpinskogo (the highest peak of Komi) mountains.

In 2008 the Manpupuner rock formations located in the Troitsko-Pechorskiy region of Komi republic entered the list of winners of the «Seven Wonders of Russia» contest. Seven stone idols of the fanciful form are drawing up on the west mountainside on the plateau of Manpupuner . The height of the columns is 30-50 meters. They were created by wind erosion and frosty weathering during millions years. These natural sculptures of stone were objects of a cult of old Mansi and are surrounded by many legends. Although some people call them the most inaccessible wonder of Russia, you can visit them with travel agency «Vertas Tour». New tours are developed every year.

Komi is a god sent land for fishing and hunting. Travel agency «Vertas Tour» offers group hunting and fishing tours. They include not only hunting and fishing itself, but also excursions to villages, reindeer farms, a visit to the ethnographic museum, a national souvenir making work shop. Tourists live in forest huts.

There are good hotels, restaurants, cultural and entertainment centers in the capital of the republic — Syktyvkar, a city with a 220-year history. Here you can see the remained corners of the old city, such as the nook Parizh (Paris), which got its name in 1812 when captured French soldiers were sent here. You can also visit the National museum and the National Gallery of the Komi republic.

Welcome to the Wonderland – the Republic of Komi and see all the other sights of Komi with your own eyes.